Beer Church Picasso Cubist Logo Brewery T Shirt | Short Sleeve Cubism Brewery T Shirts

Our pop ironic Picasso Cubist style logo brewery t shirt that expanded upon the Modernist art traditions of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Mondrian, and van Gogh in our Art Deco design and decor aesthetic; the church cross, turret, tanks, fire, ovens, pizza, peels, Pontius, tulip, beer, and belfry deconstructed on this short sleeve shirt are real--in case you hadn't yet heard--all the way back to 1861.  Real too is the fact that our cross is indeed crooked.  You got a problem with that?  161 years can do that to a cross, ya know?  Now you can order this shirt that would make Pablo proud and we're thrilled to ship it to you, but you have to promise to visit in the flesh someday soon!  It's a very special and unique place.

Maker: Gildan Softstyle
Fabric: Cotton/Poly Tri-Blend
Wash: Machine Wash Cold
RN#: 145424

By the by: all of our Picasso Pop Art t shirts proudly declare "Drink. Eat. Repent. Repeat." on the back.  That's our clever tag line, after all.  And as you see, our name on the right sleeve, baby.

Please also note we typically ship each day during the business week before Noon unless it is a Federal Holiday.