Small Plates & New Buffalo Wings

Beer Church New Buffalo Wings

Small Plates & New Buffalo Wings

V = vegetarian, GF = gluten free



Our garlic Communion Bread dough is baked fresh daily by our fornaio (Italian for baker).

 + Burrata: (V)

Served with burrata and extra virgin olive oil.

 + Nduja: 

Served with spicy Calabrian nduja (Italian version of chorizo).

 + Butter: (V)

Served with whipped sea salt butter.



Our curated BOARDS are served with extra virgin olive oil and house-made crostini, all served on wood.


Trio of Italian cured meats, pistachios, Tuscan olives, stone-ground mustard, and house-made pickled red onions.

 Formaggio: (V)

Trio of specialty cheeses, walnuts, and house-made raspberry chili jam.


Two choice cheeses, two choice meats, pickled vegetables, stone-ground mustard, and house-made raspberry chili jam.

 Chairman of the Boards:

Charcuterie + Formaggio Board


Seasonal Hummus: (V, GF)

Ask your server for this weeks offering  of hummus, served with raw vegetables.


New Buffalo Wings: (GF)

Succulent baked wings served naked, bar-b-aki, buffalo, jerk, or garlic parmesan.


Wood Fire Vegetale(V, GF)

Seasonal vegetables scorched at order by our fornaio.

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