Outdoor Bars Near Me | Largest Outside Bar in Michigan with Outdoor Seating

Our 21+ UPPERDECK Patio is a VIBE!
The search for [outdoor bars near me]➖be it Google or CHATgpt begins and ends with our famous UPPERDECK Patio, the largest outdoor bar in Michigan, to say nothing of Berrien County and its SWMI environs.
  You'll notice from the beautiful pizzas + wood-fired sandwiches in our reels, pics, and posts -and those of our hundreds-of-thousands of GUESTS each year- that we make our own bread each day.  The same for our pizza dough + fresh mozzarella.  And we serve it all at each of our bars including the UPPERDECK + CHURCH INTERIOR.  What the hell more could anyone ask for?  You got a problem with any of that?

This makes us likely the best answer to the whole search for "restaurants with outdoor seating" query that largely depends upon the whim of ownership on any particular day or dining occasion.  We're not weird about the ongoing quest for an outdoor bar here or there or outdoor restaurants near you that are actually open. We know you've been burned before by info on the Internet that is not updated.  We care enough about our guests to not act like our Patio is open when it's not.

We're not like that.  Even in Winter.

As the only heated outdoor covered BEER GARDEN in SWMI, we also equally embrace Winter and always are geared up for full-service, food + drink both, short of blizzard conditions.  Our "Wrigley Field of Beer Gardens," as it has been called, allows any available sun to shine through on all sides, which, given 2022's end, is needed by fellow humans of the Midwest almost as much as oxygen.

Make sure and note the giant outdoor TVs as well; football happens in Winter so we wouldn't want to sit somewhere we can't watch...

Not like we don't have indoor TVs too (11 to be exact), for those who prefer the barrier that a building provides: