Beer Church Brewery Sticker with House-Made Limoncello Bottle Label | Small Batch Bottle Label Stickers

The House-Made Small Batch Limoncello bottle label sticker that extended our Modernist Art Deco design and decor brewery aesthetic into the spirit world, as it were.  What you will be getting is the high gloss version of the actual House-Made Small Batch Limoncello bottle label replete with all those scary warnings we are charged with inscribing upon a bottle and a miniature of our famed Warhol church logo for good measure and health.

Our stickers stick to surfaces while elevating the consciousness of the beholder.

Shape: Rectangle with Rounded Corners
Stock: UV Laminated White Polypropylene
Size: 1.8″ x 3.5″


Please note we typically ship each day during the business week before Noon unless it is a Federal Holiday.