Weekend Taplist

Beer Church Offering Today Taplist


Pontius Pilate IPA
He may have sealed his fate when he washed his hands, but he forgot to protect his likeness two-thousand-years hence when a beer begged his name. Pontius Pilate IPA is less rough than the decisions the man had to make, to be sure, evoking a more relaxed, juicy New England style he must have tasted in a vision, one assumes replete with other manner of things usually attending such visions yet not crossing over into beer --we attest-- all the while maintaining a citrus finish more gentle than a routine execution.  el Dorado, Belma, and Mosaic hops.  6.2%.  

Hail Caesar!


The Mandarin Me Double IPA
Mandarina Bavaria + Huell Melon Hops make for a juicy Double IPA that will cause you to smack your lips and ask yourself how you could possibly be in New England, given that you look down and find yourself being blown off your seat firmly in the heart of the Midwest -- right?  8% and smooth as any tangerine dream should be, so line 'em up, baby!

Confuscious say:  "The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his quest for finest beer."


Double Pontius Pilate DIPA
Come on now, Doc:  Did you really think we wouldn't concoct a dooble from this finest of NE IPA?  Our signature brand?  Don'cha think we want to do right by you, friendly?

You do like beer, right?

Pull up a stool and open you mouth, than - BIG peach, mango, and papaya flavors await you in this double dry hopped 8% beauty of a full-bodied beast that will make you wash your hands of some of the lesser beers that may have been presented to your face in the past.  el Dorado, Belma, and Mosaic hops.  8%.  

And the next time someone tries to force an unsmoothenly dooble down yer gullet, ask:

"Et Tu, Brute?"

Crooked Cross Cream Ale
So our cross is crooked. You got a problem with that?  180 years can do that to a cross, ya know?  And don't dismiss this liquid gold by saying it's a light beer drinker's first craft beer, although it could be that in a very reductive sense, like saying Nick Saban is a failure because he couldn't win in the NFL. 

Magnum and Cascade hops in a 5.6% crushable form that will inspire one to look up at the heavens and ask:  "Wherefore hath such cream ale been me life, oh Beer Lords?  Why hath thou forsaken me?"

Forsaken no more!  Pull a stool up, friend. 

Midnight in a Perfect World Imperial Stout
For in a perfect world at midnight we have chocolate.
For in a perfect world at midnight we have coffee.
For in a perfect world at midnight we have caramel.
For in a perfect world at midnight we have alcohol.
Why not make it a foursome?

East Kent Golding and German Magnum hops.  8%.


Full Regimental Scotch Ale

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Buffalo --New-- environs. German Magnum + East Kent Golding Hops + Maris Otter Malt + your basic two-hour boil -- what more could a Full Regimental Scotsman ask for? 5%

Here comes everybody!


Blueberry Bliss Cider

A big sweet juicy blueberry kiss of a fresh Summer cider and a punch Ali himself would have admired.  From our artisan cider friendlies at Painted Turtle Hard Cider up the mitten in Lowell, Michigan.  7%

Apple Crisp Cider

...is also available now here from these good people directly above pagely and mittenly, mind you...