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John Lustina Beer Church Digital Marketing SEO SocialJohn Lustina, 16-year Chairman and Co-Founder of legendary Forrester Top 20 Digital Agency Intrapromote, pre-dating Google, is personally credited with having been the architect of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts award-winning digital marketing + social media strategies for the past 15 years running, helping guide them from $80K per Month online to $1B in digital bookings during that span. 

He’s helped plan and direct hundreds of different companies’ digital brand strategies, including American Express, Visa, Honda, Jansport, Fisher-Price, Office Max, QVC, Bosley, Overstock, Behr, AT&T, Clairol, Western Union, HSBC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and countless other big brands, with a specialization in hotels, bars, breweries, and restaurants including ART Restaurant Seattle, Deca Restaurant + Bar Chicago, and TRIO Restaurant Austin, among many others, including more than 100 hotels around the world, whose products he has helped brand, bring to market, and successfully advertise online.

He is most recently the branding brain behind Beer Church Brewing Co., which he Co-Owns after having sold Intrapromote to start the popular brewery in downtown New Buffalo, MI, recently featured in this Sunday Chicago Tribune article. His strategic mix of old-fashioned PR, high-tech local mobile + algorithmic mastery at the SEARCH + SOCIAL nexis has grabbed mindshare in the greater Chicagoland market faster than any new brewery in that region ever has, even allowing for the vastly increased competition of late.

John offers his expertise on a very limited basis each Month to clients where there is a philosophical fit + an opportunity for dramatic branding improvement. He can background your team on any specific branding aspect or provide overview with a realistic Digital Opportunity Analysis, as well as direct C Level Consulting.

To set an initial consulting call with John or to arrange to have him speak to your team, please send an email inquiry to or call him at 219.771.0635.