Beer Church Retro Logo Brewery Baby Onesie | Short Sleeve Baby Onesies 24 Months

Our retro pop ironic logo brewery baby onesie will assure your youngster starts this whole thing out cool, and other babies will notice! After all, the church on this short sleeve onesie is real--in case you hadn't yet heard--all the way back to 1861:  We saved it from knockdown and buildup of who-knows-what franchise because it's a beautiful place for you to have our beautiful beer – and true Pizza Napoletana!  Your baby will appreciate what will prove to become an iconic photo once an adult and after the typical teenage angst years, and long after you've gone will be used as proof that "My parents were pretty cool."  What more could anyone want ever (who has kids)?

Maker: Rabbit Skins Easy Tear Label
Fabric: Cotton/Poly
Wash: Machine Wash Cold
RN#: 60626

By the by: all of our onesies proudly declare "Drink. Eat. Repent. Repeat." on the back. That's our clever tag line, after all.  Starting early on tag lines has been proven to give infants a real edge once they reach nursery school, especially if there happens to be a marketing major for which they may declare.

Please note we typically ship each day during the business week before Noon unless it is a Federal Holiday.