Father's Day Brewery Gift Cards | Buy eGift Card, Send to Dad via eMail

Does your Dad need beer?

Give him the gift of Beer with a Beer Church Brewing Co. Dad Needs Beer! Gift Card in $25, $50, or $100 denominations.  Beer Church Brewing Co. is a judgment-free zone when it comes to how much Dad would like to spend on beer.

Our eGift Cards are delivered by email and can be redeemed online or in-brewery.  The gifted Dads can then print them out or show us their code on their phone from the gift email you sent them.  Or they can type it into our beautiful online store when they are buying a shirt or something on our site, eh?

You get the picture.  

And if you'd like and are a fan of plastic, you may also pick up from our locality a credit-card-like gift card to wrap and present Dad with, for these babies are quite beautiful things:


These aesthetically pleasing pieces of digital, printed, or plastic money have no additional processing fees and can be used at any time in the future for drinking finest beer at Beer Church or taking away finest beer from Beer Church to your home or whatnot.

So why not give your Dad the gift of finest beer this Father's Day?


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