2018 Annual Black Card Club Membership | 20% OFF Everything, Every Day, ALL YEAR!

Available only now until Membership Limit for 2018 is reached.  Listen to what two of our inaugural VIP Club Members, Jennifer and Joe Schimmel, have to say abut their BLACK CARD EXPERIENCE this past year:

Our Black Card Club Membership for 2017 was a hit (and we're rewarding those faithful Club Members with a free renewal for 2018), but wait until you see what we've packed into this 2018 version!

Try this on for size:

  • Personalized, Sleek Beer Church Black Card Membership Card
  • 20% off Everything, Every Day of 2018.  Everything.  Every Day.
  • Black Card VIP Membership Shirt.
  • Etched Beer Church Logo Tulip Glass.
  • Priority Restaurant Seating with Call-Ahead Privileges.
  • Private Black Card Tastings.
  • & First Dibs on:
    • Beer Pairing Events
    • Special Releases.
    • Limited Small Batches.
    • Wine & Cocktail Tastings.
    • Pizzaiolo Napoletano Classes.

What more could anyone want?

The Beer Church Black Cards themselves are delivered by mail and are quite beautiful things indeed. These aesthetically pleasing pieces of plastic prestige have no additional processing fees and can be used at any time in 2018 for drinking finest beer at Beer Church or taking away finest beer from Beer Church to your home or whatnot. Or anything else we have for sale.  Any day.  Any time.  2018.

And, of course, all of the extra privileges above the Black Card entitles you and yours to.

What a concept!  But don't miss out!

Available only now until Membership Limit for 2018 is reached.  And we can't guarantee how long that will be, but we sure hope you're among our New Members for 2018!



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