Beer Church Retro Logo Brewery Hoodie Sweatshirt | Vintage Hoodies + Sweatshirts

Our retro pop ironic logo hoodie pullover sweatshirt will assure your physical presence, regardless of increasing cold, is more warm as well as aesthetically pleasing to those surrounding you wearing rather than unwearing; plus you can always pull on the thick hoodie drawstrings to further warm your noggin atop and tuck away your hands in the kangaroo pockets up front.  And the church is real--in case you hadn't yet heard--all the way back to 1861:  We saved it from knockdown and buildup of who-knows-what franchise because it's a beautiful place for you to have our beautiful beer – and true Pizza Napoletana!

But seriously, these are some damn fine hoodies with an old skool, vintage, retro vibe.  And who amongst us doesn't love quality pullovers with a kangaroo pocket, to boot?

Maker: J America
Fabric: Cotton/Poly
Wash: Machine Wash Cold
RN#: 101475

By the by: all of our hoodie pullover sweatshirts proudly declare "Drink. Eat. Repent. Repeat." on the back.  That's our clever tag line, after all.

Please note we typically ship each day during the business week before Noon unless it is a Federal Holiday.